About Us WILDA

WILDA provides reliable communication and safety solutions for industries and security personnel operating in a range of different environments. The main bulk of our customers are firefighters and fire departments where we are able to assist the work for a safer society.

We provide our clients with reliable communication solutions in the most extreme environments. Our products are especially appreciated by the Fire and Rescue Service.

Based in the North of Sweden where cell phone connectivity is far from a guarantee, two radio engineers started a project with the aim to create a reliable communication system. Our product gained attention with the Fire and Rescue Service who struggled with communication during outdoor incidents and the company WILDA was born.

Our products involve a reliable real-time positioning system for personnel operating in the most extreme environments. The positioning system feeds information to a commander platform used for accurate decision making.

With our skills and deep understanding of security and communication solutions WILDA is positioning itself as an obvious choice for business requiring the best value to tackle challenges around the globe.


Our Team


Daniel Nilsson


Fredrik Sjöholm

Lead Programmer, embedded systems

Erica Oberholtzer

Fire Protection Engineer

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