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We provide reliable communication in the most extreme environments

Real-Time Positioning

Place a tracker unit on each person you want to keep track of and WILDA’s system will do the rest. Free up time on the conventional analog radio network by never having to ask for a position again. Plan and monitor the incidents to guarantee a safe and efficient management of the incident. No extra work for the firefighters, they can focus on putting out the fire whilst you can monitor the progress in real-time.

Our tracking system is part of the GEOS service for a safer and more reliable Fire and rescue service. You can download an information pamphlet by clicking on the icon below:

Commander Overview Platform

Our Commander Overview Platform is a robust tablet with custom software to simplify decision-making in stressful situations. The Commander Overview Platform is part of the GEOS service and provides the latests maps with relevant details for an accurate situational overview.

Rural Connectivity

With our rural connectivity program we work as a bridge between traditional analog and digital radio products and the internet providing connected devices in environments where connectivity is a problem.

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